Samsung has added to its current lineup of compacts with the release of the WB350F, WB35F and WB50F

Samsung has announced an additional three cameras to its range of compacts at CES 2014 – the WB350F, the WB35F and the WB50F.

Samsung WB350F

Starting with the Samsung WB350F, the compact comes with 21x optical zoom capabilities and a 23mm
Wide Angle Lens. The WB350F is also furnished with a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor.

Another impressive facet of the device is its ability to capture Full HD
video recordings at 30 frames per second, while the 75.0mm (3.0-inch)
hVGA Hybrid Touch LCD Screen allows users to watch their recordings back
in impressive definition while also allowing for simple and intuitive
navigation through both controls and text entry.

The WB350F will be available in White, Black and Brown.

Samsung WB35F

The WB35F boasts an impressive 12X optical zoom and 16MP sensor. Pre-loaded with a suite of Smart Mode options that enable photographers to enhance the colour and quality of any image, the WB35F allows for an unparalleled level of customisation and functionality.

Live Panorama mode lets users capture stunning panoramic images simply by spanning the device from side to side. In addition, there is a Video Mode capability in which users can capture HD video recordings in impressive HD quality.

The Samsung WB35F was created for ambitious photography enthusiasts that want an affordable device with impressive imaging capabilities. It comes in three different colours (black, white and purple) and the 67.5mm (2.7-inch) QVGA LCD screen helps for easy and simple control of navigation, letting photographers focus on shooting, editing and sharing.

Samsung WB50F

Building on the heritage of Samsung’s WB family of compacts, the WB50F boasts a powerful 12x zoom and 16MP sensor.

The Samsung WB50F was created with the style conscious and aesthetically-aware photographer at heart. It comes in both black and white and its sleek design will appeal to those who want a camera to be both a fashion accessory and photography device.