Slim, budget and mid-range compacts launched

Five new compacts have been launched by Samsung in the form of the ST6500, ST95, ST90, ST65 and ST30. The models cover a number of areas, from the more budget end through to the mid-range, with the ST6500, with an angled lens, representing the top end of the group.

With a 5x optical zoom and 16MP sensor the ST6500 would be impressive enough from a purely specs point of view, but the lens being angled at 7 degrees to ‘make a more ergonomic fit’. Although the angle is quite marginal it should still be interesting as to how much impact will be made. The 3in LCD touchscreen and HD movie mode rounds out the features of this slim compact. 

The ST95, ST90 and ST65 are relatively similar specs and design-wise, with the ST95 offering a 3in touch screen and the ability to record HD movie via the H.264 codec. The ST90 has a smaller screen, and is able to record HD movie without the H.264 codec, and has a 14MP sensor as opposed to the 16MP of the ST95. The ST65 also has a 14MP sensor, but misses out on the touch screen. It also has a slightly less wide 27mm lens instead of a 26mm lens, with all three having a 5x zoom. 

Finally the ST30 is the budget option, offering a 10MP sensor and 28mm 3x zoom lens. UK pricing and release dates have yet to be confirmed, but will be reported here when available.