Fancy controlling a compact remotely using hand gestures? Samsung's MV900F allows you to do just that!

Following on from the MV800 that was launched in September last year, Samsung has announced its successor in the form of the MV900F. The latest compact in Samsung’s Wi-Fi enabled SMART camera range, it features a 180 degree flip-out display like its predecessor that’s designed to make it easier to capture self-portrait images.

With a 16.3Mp BSI CMOS sensor at its heart and a bright f/2.5 lens at the front, the MV900F allows you to shoot as wide as 25mm to contain as much as possible within the frame. The improved 3.3inch, 180-degree flip-out display is the MV900F’s trump card. Not only is it a touch screen, it’s an AMOLED display that’s designed to display images with the finest colour and clarity.

Elsewhere, the MV900F offers 1920×1080 Full HD video recording at 30fps and from a touch of the SMART LINK button you can share and store pictures without the necessity of cables. The range of wireless functions on the MV900F allows you to transfer images to a smartphone, save to a cloud service, upload to social media networks and email for instant sharing.

Adding to the Wi-Fi functionality are some other new features that include a new beauty palette function that allows users to choose from ten different make-up options to smooth, brighten and add colour to their portrait images.

Additionally, the new gesture shot function uses motion-sensor technology so you can control the camera remotely by making hand gestures. To control the camera’s zoom functions users simply make a circular motion with their hand. When the shot is ready to be taken, just move your hand up and down to capture the image.

The MV900F will be available in four colours – white, black pink and red. Pricing and availability is still to be confirmed.