But it's just a prototype

Polaroid has unveiled a digital compact camera that is also a pocket printer – but at the moment, it’s just a prototype.

The hybrid was originally set for release before Christmas but has been beset with problems, not least the fact that Polaroid has gone into administration. But the company seems confident the product will arrive this year.

According to the team at Amateur Photographer, the camera’s printer uses the same ZINC printing technology as is featured in the standalone Polaroid PoGo printer, which arrived last year, and, as a result, it also will output 2×3 inch prints.

Polaroid’s UK’s marketing manager Lindsay
Kelson told AP: ‘With the push of a button consumers can select from among the digital
photos on camera, crop or edit them in less than 60 seconds and print
full-colour prints.’

But she added that this pocket marvel will not be available until the
‘second quarter’ of this year, and the model that had been unveiled at CES in Las Vegas was just an ‘American prototype’. Indeed the final specs for the printer/ camera hybrid are yet to be finalised for what is currently being referred to as the ‘Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital

What we do know is that it will measure 4.7×3 inch and weigh 10 ounces.

Polaroid has also suggested that the price will be around 249 euros but there’s no hint at how much we will pay in the UK as yet.

Adds AP: ‘Polaroid is also working on plans to launch a camera that delivers prints that measure the same size as the film camera that made it famous.’