An image created by the worldu2019s first photographer is expected to fetch u00a390,000 at auction.

An image created by the world?s first photographer is expected to fetch £90,000 at auction.
Described as ?the missing link? in the history of photography, the photograph of a young girl was created by Joseph Nicephore Niepce (pictured opposite) in 1826. The picture was made using a chemical hardened in sunlight and is a ?heliogravure? rather than a photograph. Meaning ?sun writing,? heliography was a slow process that required around eight hours of bright sunlight to affix the image.
The heliogravure was uncovered gathering dust in the attic of one of Niepce?s descendants and represents the French inventor’s first attempt to use light to create a photograph. The tiny print will go under the hammer at Sotheby?s later this week. You can find out more information about Joseph Niépce?s work at