Phase One has announced the P 45, which is the worldu2019s only digital camera back with a 39MP sensor.

Phase One has announced the P 45, which is the world?s only digital camera back with a 39MP sensor. Producing 117Mb files, the company claims pictures are more detailed and sharper than ever before.
With a captures rate of 35-frames per minutes and write speeds of 20Mb per second, the P 45 is aimed at a professional commercial photographers, producing photographs that are suitable for use on billboards and in fashion advertising.
Henrik Hakonssen from Phase One comments: ?The availability of the P 45 throws off many technical limitations experienced by professional photographers. Photographers using then P 45 will achieve exceptional image quality never before possible in professional photography. They will spend less time in post production and can focus more on their craft and creativity.?
Incorporated into the P 45 is 3S secure storage technology, which reduces potential problems that can occur when damaged memory cards are used, by running validity checks on CompactFlash cards used with the camera. Capture One software is designed to improve the efficiency of photographic workflow and can be used for quickly acquiring, making adjustments, readying for print and archiving photographs. Capture One claims this will enable studios to take on a larger number of clients, thus increasing profits.
The P 45 will cost £24, 669 (£20,995 +VAT) and includes a three-year warranty. For more information log onto