Two new tough cameras; the Pentax Optio WG2 and Pentax Optio WG2-GPS, announced by Pentax

Pentax has announced two new, albeit similar, tough cameras in the forms of the Optio WG2 and Optio WG2-GPS.

Both cameras can descend down to 12 meters underwater, making each camera capable of going a deeper than a number of their rivals. The 1.5 metre drop-proofing allows the WG2 and WG2-GPS to be as versatile above the water as it is below, and the freeze-protection permits the duo to be used into -10degrees Celcius conditions. Add to that an impressive 100kg crush-proofing and the entire package is something of an extreme sports enthusiasts’ dream.

In terms of image taking the sensor in each camera is 16MP, and the ISO sensitivity capable of ascending to 6400. Video can be shot at 1080p HD and the LCD screen posesses an anti-glare coating.

Six LED lights are also present for providing better illumination for underwater and close-up shots, as well as a 5x optical zoom from a 28mm wide angle. 

The prices are £299 for the WG2, while the WG2-GPS – which adds GPS technology to the specification – will cost £349. More information can be found on Pentax’s website.