First manufacturer to promise 64GB SDXC memory card

Panasonic has pledged its allegiance to the new SDXC format and is promising a 64GB SDXC card ‘at a future date’.

The manufacturer was hot on the heels of the announcement of the new format made by the SD Association, of which it is a founder member.

The new standard, as we detailed in our story today (click here to view), could soon see the release of cards offering capacities of up to 2TB at read/write speeds of 300 megabytes per second.
Panasonic said in its statement: ‘Panasonic supports the announcement and development of the SDXC standard and plans to launch a 64 GB massive capacity SDXC Memory Card, which will have more capacity than the currently available 50 GB dual layer Blu-ray Disc. This introduction will allow consumers to conveniently store more data, helping them to experience a true High Definition digital lifestyle.’

Pricing and availability for Panasonic’s SDXC memory cards has yet to be announced.