Series of videos celebrating PEN range

Olympus has released the third in a series of videos celebrating the 50th anniversary of the brand’s PEN range.

The video, featuring the Olympus PEN D, follows on from videos featuring the first ever PEN and PEN EE, with more due over the coming weeks.

The PEN series sold over 17 million models during its production, and was praised for its compact size, measuring around half the size of an SLR.

These videos and celebrations will add further fuel to speculation of the forthcoming Olympus Micro Four-Thirds camera. First previewed as a prototype at Photokina last year, a finished product is rumored to be announced in the coming months.

Visit Olympus online to see the videos for yourself, and to read a lecture on the series from Yoshihisa Maitani, one of the chief designers of the PEN series.