Olympus EP-2 - Press Release

Press Release

PEN – The next chapter: Back to black

London, 5 November 2009
– Welcome back to the PEN story and the next chapter: “Back to Black”. This latest retro-chic digital Olympus PEN builds on EISA’s 2009/2010 “Best Camera of the Year”, an icon of style and quality. To enrich photographic and video potential, the new E-P2 includes a port for an electronic viewfinder or external microphones. Two additional Art Filters combine with the new i-Enhance function for even more creativity and image enhancement.

Cloaked in classic black, the hybrid photo and HD movie Olympus PEN boldly brings fun and simplicity back to SLR quality. It’s the next exciting chapter in a photographic story that is set to run and run.

Building on brilliance

The new generation of PEN (E-P2) boasts an enviable pedigree. It comes hot on the heels of Olympus’ award-winning first Micro Four Thirds System camera inspired by the revolutionary Maitani design of the original PEN series. This second digital model takes usability and functionality even further by with diverse fresh features:


  • Accessory port for accessories like viewfinder and microphones

  • Two additional Art Filters (Diorama and Cross Process)

  • Colour-boosting i-Enhance function

  • AF tracking

  • Remote slideshow control (via HDMI)

  • HD movies in M-mode

Experience true framing freedom

A dedicated accessory port on the back of the camera extends flexibility. The first compatible device, an electronic viewfinder is included with the E-P2. Enjoy bright, high-resolution depictions under all conditions and a 100% field of view. Tiltable by up to 90°, reminiscent of medium format camera viewfinders it also promotes shooting from unique perspectives. Viewing picture information and adjustments as you go is a given. More accessory port attachments starting with an external microphone adapter for a variety of microphones will also follow soon.

Click for creativity

Inspiring creativity, two new Art Filters join the six already introduced by the E-P1. Use Diorama to create the illusion of a model world or flip colours around with Cross Process, both available for use in still or HD movie mode. Meanwhile, the new i-Enhance function boosts specified colours within the frame to add even more punch to the image if you so desire. Like its predecessor, the E-P2 offers the choice of aspect ratios  and multiple exposures. Also remaining on board is the level gauge, i-Auto mode, and the flattering e-Portrait option.

AF tracking is added making the sharp capture of moving subjects easier than ever and when it’s time to take a look at the results, just kick back and relax as high-definition slideshows and HD movies can be viewed using the remote of a TV set connected to the camera via HDMI.

A legacy of chic styling and SLR quality continues

The latest PEN inherits the inimitable looks and ultra-compact form of its critically-acclaimed sister model in addition to all its outstanding technologies. Photographers benefit from a defined high-end standard based on the Micro Four Thirds System that guarantees SLR quality results. The large pool of compatible interchangeable lenses provides tremendous versatility – from the ultra-slimline M.ZUIKO DIGITAL Pancake to the complete Four Thirds lens line-up (with adapter). Attachment of an external flash unit, such as the retro-styled Olympus FL-14, extends the possibilities even more.

Reliably crisp images are secured through the 12.3 Megapixel Live MOS sensor combined with a dust reduction system and high-performance in-camera image stabilisation giving protection against shake to 4 EV. And at the core of this PEN is the guarantor for fast, top-quality image processing, even at up to ISO 6400: the state-of-the-art TruePic V engine. The Live Control GUI simplifies operation while the effect of functions can be monitored in real time – on both the 7.6cm/3.0″ HyperCrystal LCD and the 1,440,000 dot electronic viewfinder.

HD movie magic

Capable of recording AVI format movies in 30fps 1280x720p HD resolution and boasting immaculate PCM sound quality, the PEN also lets users discover the magic of movie making. Seven minutes of footage can be recorded in a single shot. Furthermore, many still photography functions and options; including the application of Art Filters, depth of field, angle of view and AF tracking, remain operational in movie mode. Another new perk is the ability to film using the M-mode, good news for those with a creative touch. And because shooting is possible using any attached lens, a whole new world of framing potential emerges. Users can also capture high resolution still shots while filming at the touch of a button.

The Olympus E-P2 builds on its coveted predecessor’s wealth of high-performance temptations. “With the first PEN, many journalists and experts already told us that we had defined a totally new camera segment. Adding superb new features like an accessory port, viewfinder and new Art Filters has made an already incredible camera even better” explains Mark Thackara, National Marketing Manager at Olympus UK. This retro-cool model is finished in classic black and will become available from January 2010 at a price of £849 including the electronic viewfinder. An optional, matching black leather body jacket will also be on offer.


Full UK pricing on all kits is yet to be confirmed. The E-P2 14-42 Zoom kit with viewfinder included is expected to have an RRP of £849. This and the other kit prices will be confirmed nearer the availability date.

The Olympus E-P2 – main features:

Small & stylish design

  • Extremely small and light-weight Micro Four Thirds System

  • Stylish design with black metal finish

  • Accessory port to clip-on electronic viewfinder and microphone adapter

SLR image quality

  • 12.3 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor

  • TruePic V image processor

  • Built-in IS with max. 4 EV steps efficiency

  • Adapter for all ZUIKO DIGITAL & OM lenses

Easy operation

  • Live Control GUI for intuitive handling & real-time views of effects

  • Automatic recognition of common scenes possible with i-Auto

  • i-Enhance function to boost colours

  • Clear skin with e-Portrait

  • AF Tracking

  • Two dials for easy handling

  • Face Detection and Shadow Adjustment Technology

  • 20 shooting modes (5 exposure, i-Auto, 14 scene modes)

Creativity & HD Movie

  • HD Movie with stereo sound featuring depth of field and Art Filters now available in M-mode

  • 8 Art Filters, Multi-Aspect ratios

  • Multi Exposure function

  • Art Filters can be applied to previously taken RAW images in the camera and with Olympus software

  • Enhanced creativity with special lenses e.g. fisheye is available via Four Thirds lens adapter

Additional features of the Olympus E-P2:

  • Based on the Micro Four Thirds Standard

  • HDMI interface

  • Linear PCM sound recording

  • Level gauge

  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface

  • 3fps with sequential shooting (max. 10 in RAW mode)

  • ISO 100-6400

  • Bracketing functions for white balance and exposure

  • Supersonic Wave Filter dust reduction system

  • Wide dynamic range in highly lit areas

  • Simultaneous writing of RAW and JPEG

  • SD memory card slot (SDHC compatible)

  • High-speed data writing and lossless RAW compression

  • 7.6cm/3.0″ HyperCrystal LCD

  • AE/AF lock functionality

  • Auto gradation adjustment to prevent blown highlights and blocked-in shadows

  • Remote release possible via the optional remote cable RM-UC1

New accessories:

  • M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm F4.0-5.6 super wide-angle zoom lens (first half of 2010)

  • M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 high-power telephoto zoom lens (first half of 2010)

  • Leather strap in black

  • Leather body jacket in black