Latest edition in the PEN range

Olympus has announced the second model in its Micro Four Thirds PEN range, the EP-2.

The new model arrives in an eye-catching black finish, and sports a range of new features aimed at extending the functionality of the device.

The EP-2 feature an accessory port on the model’s rear, which offers support for both the new electronic viewfinder, a feature requested by a range of customers, while also offering support for an external microphone.

The EP-2 also see the addition of AF tracking, allowing the photographer to automatically track a moving subject and also memorising subject data even when it leaves and re-enters the frame.

Another welcome addition is the ability to shoot HD movies in full manual mode, offering control over both shutter and aperture and affording extra creativity.

Two new Art Filters, Diorama and Cross Process, also arrive, as does a new i-Enhance function aimed at automatically enhancing colour.

Full pricing and availability is yet to be announced, but stay tuned for more information or visit Olympus online. Click on the link below for a full press release.


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