Acknowledgement of power issues

Nikon has issued a ‘service advisory’ with regards to its new D5000 DSLR. The notification acknowledges quality control issues with regards to power control in certain models.

In instances where cameras are affected, users will notice that the camera cannot be operated with the power switch on, even with a fully charged battery. Furthermore, users will note that the D5000 cannot be operated with the EH-5a AC Adapter connected through the EP-5 Power Connector and the power switch on.

Nikon states that ‘preparations are under way at a special Nikon repair facility to streamline the processes associated to the solution and [Nikon] will be equipped to correct D5000 camera at this facility beginning July 23.’

D5000 owners will be able to determine is their model is affected by using a serial number look-up tool due live on July 23, and Nikon will cover cost of shipping both to and from the repair facility, as well as repair cost, and aim to ensure as prompt repair and return as possible.

For further details on the repair process and to read the service advisory in full, visit the Nikon online.


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