Leica has broken new ground by announcing the Leica X Vario - the world's first compact camera with an APS-C sensor and fixed zoom lens that covers a focal length that's equivalent to 28-70mm

Leica has expanded its range of compact cameras by announcing the world’s first compact camera with an APS-C sensor and fixed zoom lens that covers an 18-46mm focal length that’s equivalent to 28-70mm in 35mm terms. The announcement arrives days after a series of Leica rumours were leaked online.

The X Vario’s high performance 16.1MP image sensor is unusually large for a camera of its pedigree and combined with Leica’s Vario Elmar 18-46 mm f/3.5-6.4 ASPH lens, it’s likely to set a new benchmark for image quality in the compact camera sector of the market.

The fixed lens will be suitable for a wide variety of subjects from landscapes to portraits and the camera’s versatility is further expanded by a 1080p Full HD video recording function that allows photographers to record memories at a frame rate of 30 full frames per second. Video is saved in the versatile MP4 format to make it easy to upload straight to social media and an integrated wind-noise filter is also featured to provide crystal-clear sound recording.

The Leica X Vario shares similarities with the Leica M-system and features a solid aluminium body with a mode dial, flash and hot shoe on the top plate.

Reminiscent of the Leica M-system, the top plate of the Leica X Vario is machined from solid aluminum and a premium leather trim gives the X Vario the high-end and classic finish we’ve come to expect from Leica.  

Further showcasing Leica M-series DNA, the X Vario features an intuitive handling concept with clearly laid out functions. The menu interface has been designed to offer rapid access to a range of automatic and versatile manual setting options. The dials on the top plate provide grip when setting the shutter speed and aperture. In Live View and playback mode, the 3in, 920k-dot monitor offers a detailed view of surroundings and a range of accessories are also available for the camera, including the Leica EVF 2 Viso-Flex electronic accessory viewfinder with 1.4 megapixels and a 90° swivel function.

Pricing and Availabilty
Available now in the UK from authorised Leica dealers including the Leica Store Mayfair (www.leica-storemayfair.co.uk), the Leica X Vario will cost £2250 and every camera sold will also be supplied with a copy of Adobe Lightroom.

Extra accessories for the Leica X Vario

EVF 2 Viso-Flex: £380
Lens hood: £90
Handgrip: £100
SF 24 D flash unit: £270
Finger loops for handgrip: £90 in S, M or L
Leather ever-ready case in black or tan: £180
Leather camera protector in black or tan: £90
Carrying strap with protective flap in black or tan: £80
Wrist strap with protective flap in black or tan: £60