Lastolite is back with a trio of new and enhanced reflector kits, the TriFlip 8:1, TriBalance and XpoBalance.

Lastolite is back with a trio of new and enhanced reflector kits.
The manufacturer has increased the versatility of its popular TriGrip reflector to create the TriFlip 8:1 kit. Billed as a flexible and affordable lighting control tool, it aims to offer maximum portability and consists of a 2-stop diffuser, TriGrip and two reflective sleeves. Together the two reversible sleeves provide seven different reflective surfaces including black, gold, sunfire and sunlight.
Following in the footsteps of its TriGrip and the Ezybalance models, Lastolite has also released the TriBalance reflector kit. The double-sided TriGrip is made up of a reflector on one side for filling in shadows and a black, white and grey side that can be used pre-capture to aid white balance and exposure settings. What?s more, the TriBalance has been specially designed so that it can be held in one hand, enabling the photographer to simultaneously operate a camera.
A final new release comes in the shape of the portable Lastolite XpoBalance. Aimed at photographers shooting on location, the reflector is double sided and able to collapse to fit into a 15cm pocket bag.
The TriFlip 8:1, TriBalance and XpoBalance are available now priced £39.99, £74.99 and £34.99 respectively. Full product information can be found at