All-in-one inkjet printers offering big savings

Kodak has announced a pair of new all-in-one inkjet printers in the shape of the ESP 3250 and ESP 5250. The new models join the brands existing innovative line of printers that, Kodak claims, offer the lowest total ink replacement cost in the industry.

The Kodak ESP 3250 features a 1.5in colour LCD screen, as well as compatibility for a range of memory cards, making the process from capture to print as simple as ever.

The Kodak ESP 5250, on the other hand, is enabled with Wi-Fi, making sending and printing images simple without the need for cables, while also sporting the slightly larger 2.4in colour LCD.

No news on availability of the printers, but expect the Kodak ESP 3250 to cost £89.99, with the Kodak ESP 5250 retailing at £129.99.