$17 magnetic wonder launched by USB Fever

According to Boing Boing Gadgets, a company called USB Fever has come up with a lens you can stick onto your Apple iPhone to make its photo capturing abilities a little less pitiful.

The $17 lens has a magnetised rubber ring, which delivers 0.67x magnification.

In separate iPhone news, Photography Press has news of a whole array of new photography-releated apps for the Apple phone.

First up is Hewlet-Packard’s iPrint Photo application, which is available for free now from the Apple App store and was demoed at CES.

It will allow iPhone owners to wirelessly print 4×6 inch images from their phone through any HP inkjet printer connected to a Wi-Fi network.

And Nikon has also got in on the act with the My Picturetown iPhone app, which allows iPhone oners to access the manufacturer’s online image library service direct from their phone. They can create albums and upload photos directly from their iPhone as well as add tags and access stored EXIF data.

Last up is Eye-Fi of Wi-Fi memory card fame, which has announced that it is developing its very own iPhone application.

The App will allow iPhone owners to send their pics from the phone and camera to folders on their computer and also direct to 25 websites.

The snaps will be automatically tagged with geographical information as to where they were taken and photographers can then organise them on a digital map and by location in files. The application will be available for free and you can sign up to get an alert as to when it is ready to download if you sign up on the Eye-Fi website. There is also a video of the application in action if you hit this link.