Prizes include u00a3500 cash and exhibition features

The International Garden Photographer of the Year’s (IGPOTY) ‘Macro Art’ competition is coming to a close with a £500 cash prize up for grabs

IGPOTY is this year running three seasonal photo projects alongside the main annual event. The most recent seasonal project – titled ‘Macro Art’ – requires photographers to utilise their macro settings and lenses to capture images of their favourite flowers and plants.

Entrants can be of any level from amateur to professional and will be allowed to send in their photos edited or untouched. Entrants must also pay a fee of £10 and will be able to get feedback on request from the judges after the competition has finished.

The winner of the Macro Art category will not only receive the cash prize, but will benefit from global exposure by having their photograph preserved as a fine art print in exhibitions in the UK and all over the world.

They will also receive extensive press coverage as well as an inscribed copy of the book: ‘International Garden Photographer of the Year Collection 7’.

The deadline for entries to the Macro Art category is the end of this month, and you can find out more and enter online at the IGPOTY website.

For more information on other categories of the competition which you can enter to win even bigger prizes, be sure to check out International Garden Photographer of the Year’s Facebook and Twitter pages

We will update you on the Macro Art winner as soon as it has been announced later this year.