Following the appointment of a new CEO, Hasselblad has announced the world's first medium format camera with a CMOS sensor, the H5D-50c

Hasselblad says the new camera is based on its previous H5D-50 model, but will sport numerous improvements such as faster capture rate and the capacity for longer shutter speeds. Interestingly, Hasselblad also stressed that the H5D-50c will have ‘greater ISO performance’

The firm also said that the new camera would provide ‘greatly improved Live Video in Phocus’ as well as offering Multi-Shot functionality.

More specific details are as of yet unreleased, and we can expect to receive more information in March. Nothing on price yet, though you can be sure it will not be going cheap.

The announcement was made on behalf of Hasselblad’s new CEO Ian Rawcliffe, who, it has emerged, quietly replaced previous CEO Dr Larry Hansen at the end of last year.