Four new additions to the series

Giotto’s has extended its range of Vitruvian tripods with four new additions. The new models, the VGRN 8225, 9225, 8255 and 9255, join two recently-released larger models, the VGRN 8265 and 9265, in a burgeoning range.

All of the models in the VGRN range feature legs with reverse technology allowing them to fold around 180 degrees and for the tripod to fold in to a compact unit. Furthermore, the 9255 and 8255 both include an inbuilt monopod.

The 8225 and 9225 are the smaller tripods of the four, offering a holding capacity of up to 4kg and folding down to just 33cm. The larger pair, the 8255 and 9255, can hold up to 6kg and fold down to just 40cm.

All the new tripods are manufacturers with lightweight materials, either carbon fibre or aluminium tubing, whilst all models are also fitted with compact ball and socket heads and quick release plates, spirit levels and pan locks.

For more information on the tripods, visit the Gitotto’s tripods website.