UK price released for Fujifilm X10 compact, new interchangeable lens system and bridge camera also announced

Fujifilm has announced plans to release an interchangeable lens system next year, being the first camera to offer such functionality from Fujifilm since the S5 Pro DSLR from a little over four years ago.

Where the S5 Pro was a DSLR, based around a Nikon shell no less, the smart money seems to be on Fujifilm entering the CSC market. Thanks to the likes of Nikon and Pentax recently debuting new CSC models the market is flush with a wide variety of options, and Fuji’s addition would certainly be welcomed by those enamored by the X100 compact.  

A prestige model, offering similar optical quality to the X100 and even a similar retro design would be a safe bet, and would place the new release into direct competition with the Olympus E-P3.

Also confirmed by a source within Fuji was a bridge camera utilizing the same 2/3″ sensor seen in the X10, but adding a 26x optical zoom. The X-S1 looks set to sit above the likes of the Fujifilm HS20, which offers a larger zoom from a smaller sensor, and establish a more pro-aimed long zoom compact.

Fujifilm also confirmed the X10’s UK RRP as £529. For more information on Fuji products head to their website.