Malware attacks recorded over Christmas stateside

According to US blog, Ars Technica, American shoppers who splashed out for a digital photo frame this Christmas got some nasty surprises.

Photo frame fans who shopped at Wal-Mart and Amazon, among other top retailers, were none too happy when it turned out that their new purchases were riddled with malware.

According to the Ars Technica and Slashdot teams, some of the Mercury 1.5 inch Digital Photo keychains from Wal-Mart apparently contained both the DPFMate.exe and FEnCodeUnicode.dll viruses.

And Amazon had to release a warning about the W32.Sality.AE worm’s presence on the installation disc for Samsung’s SPF-85H 8-inch digital photo frame.

Ars Technica and HotHardware adds that last year, a trojan called “Mocmex” shipped on various photo frames from retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Costco.