DIA Parrot, digital photo frame with multiple connectivity platforms by nodesign

DIA Parrot, developed in collaboration with nodesign by Jean Luois Frenchin, is a white rectangle with tactile buttons, track ball to search menus on the frame, and a 10.4-inch high-resolution screen.

“DIA frame was born from the idea that it is impossible to represent a printed image on a photo frame. So our frame is close to a slide film, with the quality of transparency, light and format of professional Ektachrome” explains Jean-Louis Frenchin.

“Dismantled, deconstructed, disconnected from the frame as if there was nothing behind, this screen is transparency; is light. The picture, your photo, appears through this ‘light box’ in a brand-new aesthetic dimension” says Henri Seydoux, founder and CEO of Parrot.

DIA Parrot offers a set of connectivity options including, Wi-Fi, USB, SD card and Bluetooth. It also features integrated online services such as Flickr and Picasa, and sells for £459.99.

Visit the Parrot website for more information.