Portable colour balance kit released

Datacolor has announced a new, portable kit for colour balancing on location or in the studio. The SpyderCheckr is a compact colour chart which can be modified for different usages and subjects, as well as being small enough to conceal with a camera bag.

The SpyderCheckr chart has interchangeable panels, allowing not just the standard colour chart to be utilised but both a grey card and skin tone card. For professional photographers working under unfamiliar lights or out in the open using the SpderCheckr could save hours of balancing in Photoshop. The panel also has a light sensitive area to prevent faded colours being used as a reference point after the SpyderCheckr has been used outdoors.

Software is also included to process the information from the chart into an action for the likes of Photoshop and Aperture, making it possible to convert multiple images in a batch. A Spyder Checkr Pro kit is also available, which comes with the SpyderCube for custom white balance.
More information can be found at www.datacolor.com