New features of PhotoDirector 5 include 64-bit support and auto lens correction

CyberLink has announced the latest version of its photo editing software for Windows and Mac: PhotoDirector 5.

Aiming to streamline the processes of photo editing, collection and management, PhotoDirector 5 comes with a number of new features.

The software has full 64-bit support, which allows for high performance and results in what CyberLink claims is ‘the category’s fastest RAW  import speeds’.

Also new is Bracket HDR, which allows for merging of up to five bracketed exposures into a single HDR image, with automatic alignment and ghost artifact removal.

Auto Lens Correction is an interesting feature. With profiles from more than sixty popular DSLR lenses, the software uses an image’s Exif data to determine fix problems that are common to specific lenses, such as barrel distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration. Additional profiles can be downloaded from DirectorZone.

The software also supports high-DPI, and comes with a Companion Tablet App for use with Windows 8 tablets.

PhotoDirector 5 Ultra is available for Windows and Mac now from the CyberLink online store, priced £79.99. PhotoDirector 5 Suite, bundled with CyberLink’s video colour grading software Color-Director 2, is available for Windows only, at £114.99. To find out more, head to YouTube to watch an intro video.