EX-S200 and EX-Z800 offer Super Resolution digital zoom

Casio has launched a pair of new cameras, namely the EX-S200 and EX-Z800, that offer a number of interesting features, including a 14MP sensor, 4x optical zoom and 27mm wide angle lens. Perhaps the most intriguing is the claim that the digital zoom maintains quality up to around 1.5 times the optical zoom range of the camera.

The majority of digital zooms tend to be less than complimentary to the quality of the images, acting in much the same way as magnifying an image in Photoshop. Although the subject gets closer, pixels become more visible. If the Super Resolution digital zoom does all that Casio claim it could make the feature all the more useful to photographers.

The EX-S200 is the thinner of the pair at between 15 and 18mm thick depending on protrusions, and has a Quick Mode which powers the camera on, allows a snap to be taken a reviewed then powers down again. The EX-Z800 is more beginner aimed, offering simple controls in a chunkier frame than it’s sibling.

The S200 will be released early next month for £200, and the Z800 for £150 in the middle of Sept.