Canon IXUS 510 HS and Canon IXUS 240 HS offer Wi-fi capability and HD movie shooting

Canon has launched two new compacts under the IXUS banner in the shape of the IXUS 510 HS and IXUS 240 HS. Both cameras boast the usual IXUS aesthetics of slim metallic bodies as well as a raft of impressive features, including built-in Wi-fi and the low light HS system. 

The IXUS 510 HS is the more eye-catching model from a specs point-of-view, with a 12x optical zoom being the marquee feature. Beyond that a 10MP resolution HS sensor and image stabilization are present alongside a large 3.2inch touchscreen. This allows the body of the 510 HS to be virtually button-free, save for the usual shutter release and zoom. 

The IXUS 240 HS, on the other hand, has a far shorter 5x optical zoom but ups the resolution to 16MP. This allows the camera to be physically smaller than its sibling, while still offering the same HD movie mode, Smart Auto modes and Face ID detection. 

Thanks to the W-fi feature images and video can be shared to devices such as the iPad and iPhone to host them online. Only Apple iOS products are listed as being compatible with the Wi-fi feature, meaning those with Android-powered devices will be unable to transfer the files. 

Once again Canon has broken the mould in terms of design, bringing out a more boxy, straight-edged IXUS compact than many of us are used to. The proof will be in the end quality, and the decision to keep the IXUS 510 HS at 10MP rather than increasing the resolution to ridiculous levels shows an impressive level of restraint.

The IXUS 510 HS will be available in April priced at £349 where the IXUS 240 HS will be available next month for £279. More information can be found at Canon’s website.

IXUS 510 HS – key features

12x optical zoom
HS System: 10.1 MP CMOS and DIGIC 5
Intelligent IS
3.2″ touch screen with Touch Shutter
Full HD movies

IXUS 240 HS – key features:

24mm, 5x optical zoom 

HS System: 16.1 MP CMOS and DIGIC 5 

Intelligent IS
Wi-Fi for easy image sharing
3.2″ touch screen
Full HD movies