Can we expect a new Canon full frame DSLR in the near future?

A number of rumors websites are reporting the imminent appearance of a new full frame digital SLR. With the EOS 5D Mark II being almost four years old, it appears the notion of a EOS 5D Mark III is become more than just hearsay and conjecture. 

Canon Rumors have an extensive timeline relating to the specs, with the likes of a 22MP sensor and DiG!C 5 processor apparently included. Elsewhere an SD card slotted is added, ISO expandable to 102400 and a 61 point AF system with 41 crosstype points.

The burst speed is rumored as 6fps, a two-frame improvement on the previous model, and a 1.04 million dot screen providing the preview. There aren’t any major changes specified to the video mode, which was one of the major draws of the 5D Mark II to independent film makers, but Nikon D800-esque audio monitoring features are expected.

If anything official is revealed expect to hear about it here first.