Calumet rental has a new website that's designed for those interested in hiring photography equipment

Calumet has designed a new website that’s dedicated to its rental service and rental customers. The new site ( splits its rental services into seven categories and has been produced to engage customers comments, insights and commercial needs.

Giving photographers the opportunity to experiment and tryout camera technology before committing to a purchase, Simon Browitt, head of Calumet Rental in London said: “Now, it’s never been easier to rent equipment from us. We have an extensive inventory of photographic equipment; cameras; digital equipment; lighting and studio products. It could be a Canon 600 mm lens – which costs upwards of £10,500 to buy – but we’ll rent it for £90 a day plus damage waiver insurance. Or, at the other end of the scale, we could hire out a remote timer from about £10 a day.”

Browitt added: “It obviously a good idea to test drive latest equipment before investing – plus it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy say a tilt and shift lens costing £1866 if you only need it once a quarter. It’s far more cost effective to rent it for £36 (plus damage waiver and vat) a day from us.

For more information on the products Calumet offer on their rental website, head to