Victoria Ines Dobano and Rodrigo Terren Toro win Student Focus Competition at the 2010 Sony World Photography Awards

This year’s Student Focus Competition at the Sony World Photography Awards 2010 has been won by Victoria Ines Dobano and Rodrigo Terren Toro of the Escuela Argentina de Fotografía in Argentina. Their images, entitled Villa Epecuen, show how a flood in 1985 completely decimated a thriving tourist attraction. The six images depict the power of water, and how completely destroyed the man-made structures are that the flood swept through.

Student Focus 2010 judge, Sue Steward, commented “The winning Argentine series followed-up the story of a tragic flood 25 years ago, a description of the power of nature. The photographers found beauty in the stark, abandoned and destroyed landscape, the chaos of fallen bricks and concrete, dark leafless trees, and partially demolished buildings – the crucial reminders of lives once lived there”

The winners received four Sony a850’s and a host of accessories for their institution. 

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