UK software developers Anthropics have unveiled a new package that automatically manipulates digital portraits.

UK software developers Anthropics have unveiled a new package for manipulating digital portraits. Portrait Professional applies cosmetic changes to portrait photographs automatically, whilst the user clicks on a few key points on the face. Anthropics says the process takes under a minute for an experienced user, allowing a faster throughput of images than a typical drawing style program.
The software works in two ways, which can be altered individually by the user. Skin tone and lighting correction removes wrinkles, spots, glare and skin imperfections without removing the underlying texture of skin. Facial sculpting changes the proportions of the face to improve the overall attractiveness of the subject. Sample before and after images are shown opposite.
The software currently only works on women, but a male version will be available soon. The multi-award-winning team at Anthropics accolades include development contracts for DreamWorks and a technical Oscar.
The software can be downloaded from the company?s website and costs £39.95. More details can be found at