The top wildlife snapper has teamed up with an outdoor clothing maker to lauch both a range of garments tailored to photographers, and a fund to raise money for conservation projects.

Top wildlife photographer Andy Rouse has teamed up with a outdoor clothing manufacturer Páramo Directional Clothing Systems to launch a range of garments specifically designed for outdoor photography professionals and enthusiasts.
Andy and his zoologist partner Tracey Rich developed the range with Paramo after extensive testing in challenging environments such as Alaska and Antarctica. The new ARWP range claims to offer all the benefits of Paramo?s proprietary Nikwax Directional fabrics and unique design features, with the added benefit of Andy?s input as an extreme outdoor photographer.
For conservationists perhaps the best feature of the new clothing is the fact that proceeds from sales of the garments will go to a new charity set up in conjunction with Rouse and Paramo. The Aspira Fund will fund research and conservation projects worldwide. A percentage from the sales of all prints on the Andy Rouse website will be donated to the Fund.
Andy had this to say about it: ?I?m privileged to have been to some of the most exciting natural places in the world and witnessed some of the most miraculous wonders of nature. However, it?s also opened my eyes to the dangers the world?s wildlife is currently facing and highlighted the determination of those in the conservation and environmental fields to do something about it.
“My work depends on the vital work of such organizations and it is my pleasure to work with Páramo to give a little back. The Aspira Fund will assist in the active, on-the-ground work of people dedicating their lives to ensuring that we all continue to enjoy the natural world.?
Páramo adds that their garments are manufactured ethically, and do not rely on coatings or laminates, but have renewable waterproofing maintained by environmentally-friendly, water-based Nikwax Waterproofing.
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