Survey by Bonusprint shows almost a third of users fail to make hard copies of images

A survey by photo printers Bonusprint has shown that almost a third of a surveyed 1002 people fail to make a printed copy of an image prior to deleting them. These images, which would have normally been printed, are instead lost, and with 28% claiming to have over 1,000 stored images the percentage of photos being discarded is staggering. 

With the amount of online storage options and printing services currently on offer it seems incredible so many images could be deleted prior to being preserved. Bonusprint are amongst a number of photo printers who offer some impressively cheap packages, all of which simply require images being uploaded in order to receive a final, printed version. Hard drives, in numerous portable and desktop forms, are becoming far cheaper and the likes of Adobe Bridge and Apple Aperture are dedicated to making organization easier, not to mention the various image recovery packages that allow for deleted shots to be recovered. 

With all of these options, there’s little excuse to let your precious images disappear into the digital graveyard. For more information on Bonusprint, head to