World's largest 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor announced

Canon has announced the successful development of an APS-H sized sensor offering a world’s largest resolution of 120 megapixels. In comparison to Canon’s current largest commercially-available 16.1MP sensor, this new development could offer incredible resolution potential if employed within a camera – though, at this stage in time, the sensor hasn’t been scheduled for commercial release.

The capability of Canon’s new 120MP sensor to record 13,280 x 9,184 pixel images means even extensive cropping won’t result in a visible reduction in quality, making the likes of landscape and group images far easier to take. As has been evidenced by a number of recent gigapixel panoramic photosthe interactive possibilities of higher resolution images are huge.

The sensor also offers high speed shooting up to 9.5 fps at full resolution. This has been made possible by Canon’s modification of parallel processing to ensure signals don’t suffer delay or timing deviations. Full HD 1080p movie is also possible by using an area just one sixteenth of the sensor’s full size for capture.

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