Easy to use image viewer that allows you to select a group of images to be emailed or uploaded.

About CoffeeCup: CoffeeCup is an image viewer that has built-in e-mail, FTP, and ZIP functions. This allows you to select a group of images and e-mail them, upload them to your Website, or create a ZIP file, all from within the program. 

Runs on:  Windows Vista or XP

Download: http://www.coffeecup.com/image-viewer/

  • Skull

    Besides making it eesair for a group of people to see photos of their loved ones, this is a good option for an artist to capture an image and project it onto a stretched canvas for tracing before painting. It also can be used for professional presentations as a back up when a Powerpoint presentation is not responding, or when it’s an impromptu meeting.

  • Ramin

    I ma looking to see if you ever rcveieed my rebate form, you sent me something saying I did not have theproper paperwork, I mailed it back to you on 5/11/05, and still have heard nothing. Anything you can tell me wouldbe appreciatedThank you,Theresa Potter