by Rebecca Naen, Cheltenham UKrnExif: Canon EOS 350D, 24-70mm lens, 1/50sec at f/8, ISO 400

Rebecca says

“I am a 19-year-old student studying Landscape Architecture in Dublin, but my passion has always been photography. I’m self-taught, having picked up my first camera when I was about 15. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I love what I do, and would like to take it further someday. This picture is titled ‘I Am’, and was taken using natural light.”


Martin’s Verdict

There is not much I can pick fault with in this photograph. The model looks good and I love the eyelashes – they really stand out well! This is what I would regard as a classic, naturally lit beauty shot. Some people might be tempted to airbrush the face, but I don’t think it is appropriate to apply this kind of retouching, especially when the subject has such good skin.
Evening Class
However, my attention was drawn to some of the stray hairs. So what I did here was to add a new empty layer and work with the clone stamp tool to carefully retouch these hairs out. It is a fiddly job and takes practice to get right, but I reckon it was worth the effort. Check out the close-ups (below) in which I show a before and after view.





Evening Class


The original shot (left) and after cloning (right)





  • Muhammet

    Nice review, toughh I think maybe a little bias towards Canon S95. Firstly, start up time is the same, its just a question of setting the camera up properly. Secondly the look and feel is subjective, I prefer a finger strip on the camera for better grip, and the Nikon construction is first class. For me the only area S95 wins is the bigger sensor. Otherwise very little in it except in the UK canon costs a3320, Nikon a3220. I chose Nikon, faster lens and 35% cheaper.

  • A France

    Ha Ha! Stray hairs, that really is ‘nit picking’