What Digital Camera tests five waterproof cameras on Brighton beach

Five waterproof digital cameras tested

  • c

    absolutely lvw. COme on WDG! That said – the tough test group – 2011 is excellently laid out and undertaken. One major quibble… no point, methinks, in doing a water test to 4m. If you drop a camera from a pier or boat, it will be at 10m before you can take your wristwatch off! If you’re a diver, 10m is the min test. Lets have a compact camera and a test to min 20′- 30m Now you”re talking!
    ps why does my screen go black when I try to write here? Can’t blimmin see!

  • LVW

    It is now 2011 and this old test keeps popping up when will there be new reviews on the new waterproof camera?

  • D Sayer

    First time used in sea after taking few shots the bottom of camera, came open. Sea water went in and camera totally ruined. Was using with float strap, not sure if strap caught catch or not. Have seen on another review site that has happened before.Totally disappointed.

  • Andy Smith

    I have a Canon D10 great camera spoilt by the cost of the straps only available in the UK with the whole accessory kit at an astonishing cost of around £100