• Lee

    The description doesn’t match what he is talking about or which he is holding. For example, while he says the top pick is the Canon, he picks up and holds the Fuji. Also, the sound is missing from some of the video, i.e., his lips are moving but not sound (I can’t read lips).

  • Daniel

    Most certainly flash on all of them.The caemra was set to manual exposure, two stops below ambient (the meter points at -2 ). Then the flash and E-TTL does the rest. I had the white balance set to Auto since I shoot RAW. The flash was pointed *behind* me (key point!). Finally, I used flash exposure compensation wherever required (depending on how dark and deep the background is in a shot: minus if it’s dark, plus if it’s white).Does that help?

  • ron Eccles

    Can I have either the red model or the yellow model. Oh! sorry, is it about the cameras?