Sony's Paul Genge discusses the new Sony Exmor R sensor and demonstrates the new Cybershot WX1, TX1 and the amazing new party-shot

Sony has revealed an innovative new Exmor sensor which they claim produces much lower noise than its predecessor. Named the Exmore R, the sensor makes its debut in two new compact caetas, the Cybershot WX1 and Cybershot TX1. Paul Genge of Sony UK shows these cameras to WDC along with the new Party-shot dock, which composes and shoots pictures automatically when used with compatible cameras.

  • Paul Genge

    My name is Paul Genge, that’s me on the right of the video. Thanks for your kind comments Mr Butler. The cameras use their proprietary Lithium Ion batteries for very long life. I commented on the AA batteries for the Partyshot base station. These have been chosen for their cost effectiveness, but also the immediacy of availability as a last minute for those impromptu parties! They do offer up to 11 hours usage within the Partyshot base. Personally speaking my batteries run out before that at most parties I go to! :o)

    I hope that clarifies this point for you

  • Mr A. Butler

    yor new sony WX1 and TX! seem brilliant especially with CMOS sensors,but why only aa batteries,which will curtail the amount of pictures which can be taken.
    I assume you were catering for amateurs who wish to carry a light camera for convenience.

    Do you intend to produce a similar model for semi professiona photographers.that will have a rechargable battery?.