Six of the best 'tough' cameras get put through an assault course, dunked in sea water and frozen to see which will survive

In our tough cameras test we review six waterproof, freeze proof and drop proof compact cameras. Which cameras survived being dropped, taken through and assault course, frozen and left in seawater? Find out in our video.

  • William

    Which one took the best video & pictures?

  • William

    So which camera took the best pictures & video??????

  • Ian Gower

    So Sony TX5 performs well in all tests but looks tatty and Panasonic fails the ice test which makes the Panasonic FT2 the worthy winner…and you gave it more time to warm up. No sorry still don’t understand that one.

  • JH

    Best ‘Group Test I’ve seen. Well done.

  • Karen

    Great commando roll! This video really made me laugh.

  • Matt Tuffin

    There does seem to be a few issues. The video will play, but for some reason the player is a bit buggy. It’s also on

  • Phil

    The video does not play! that’s my comment