Pentax K-5 II video review

The Pentax K-5 II arrives with just a handful of improvements over its predecessor, so is it worth the investment? Find out in our video review.

K-5II - enthusiast DSLRS 2012.jpg

Pentax has spent the past few years refining its enthusiast DSLR proposition, first by unveiling the Pentax K-7 model before adding a handful of changes for a flagship Pentax K-5 offering, and then finally filtering some of the functionality of these into a more keenly-priced K30. Now the company has turned its attention to the model heading the range, revising its specifications somewhat modestly for a second generation Pentax K-5 II.

Find out how it performs in our video review below, or head on over to our full Pentax K-5 II review for more.