Dodge and Burn

How To Dodge and Burn

Want to selectively paint in density changes rather than apply them to the whole image? Philip Andrews shows you the trick to doing just that

Batch processing

How to Master Raw File Batch Processing With Elements

Save valuable time by using the Organizer workspace in ACR to highlight and make adjustments to multiple Raw images. Philip Andrews explains how

elements top tips

Elements Top Tips

WDC expert Philip Andrews lists twenty of the best Photoshop
Elements cheats and in the process transforms your humdrum life into an image-editing success.

Better Black and White Conversions

Elements version 5.0 contains a custom control for transforming your colour photos to greyscale. Adobe expert Philip Andrews shows you how to use it

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Saving files in raw

Wed, 16 Apr 2014

I have begun shooting in RAW on my Nikon D3100. However as I am using Lightroom 3.3 which I am unable to update, I am having issues exporting my...

Studio fash ???

Sat, 22 Mar 2014

I recently bought a sp300m flash kit . 3 lights , no instructions ,and im totally confused with the whole thing , can only get one light to sync with...

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