Subjects in Motion - Capture Wind Power

Capture Wind Power

Wind is a tricky thing to photograph, what with it being invisible, however it is fairly easy to record the effects of wind on the landscape - especially in the way it blows leaves and grass.

Mari Stirling took the seaside image (pictured here) late on a windy afternoon in February, during a brief moment when the sun peeped through the clouds. By fitting four stops worth of ND grad filters she was able to use a slow shutter speed of half a second which enabled her to record the motion blur of the grasses in the foreground dunes, providing a contrast to the sharply defined buildings and beach in the background.

How To Shoot... Motion Pictures - Capture the wind

Canon EOS 5D, 17-40mm lens, -4 stop ND grad filters, 0.5sec @ f/16, ISO 50 Mari Stirling