There are a number of likenesses between the Canon EOS 100D and EOS 700D, but at the same time you'll notice there are a few differences when you dig past their basic specifications and it's clear that the cameras are aimed at slightly different audiences.

Canon EOS 100D / 700D comparison 1

The 100D is out to target those looking for their first DSLR and photographers who don't want to be bogged down by a heavy and cumbersome design. Opting for a small DSLR is all very well, but if you're considering the 100D you must not forget that the size and handling is going to be somewhat compromised if you go and use it with a zoom lens.

Canon's super-slim 40mm STM pancake lens would be an ideal lens for the 100D if you'd like to keep it small, but of course you would then be slightly more limited by a fixed focal length. 

If size and weight aren't your main concerns, the 700D will make the better buy and will provide you with a more advanced set of features for the money.

Canon EOS 100D / 700D comparison 2

The AF system is more sophisticated, it offers a faster burst for continuous shooting and the Vari-angle screen will come into its own in many different shooting situations. That's not to mention battery life, which is also superior and will allow you to shoot for longer before a recharge is required. Although both cameras scored similarly overall in our individual reviews, the Canon EOS 700D would be our pick of the two if you're looking for the best all-round DSLR. 

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