New Sigma SD1 46MP DSLR will be priced at u00a36,199.99

Sigma has announced details of the new SD1 DSLR, which will offer a 46MP cumulative resolution utilizing a three layer X3 sensor. With 24 x 16mm dimensions this new CMOS chip represents the largest sensor Sigma has produced. The Dual TRUE II processor will accelerate the processing of the images, with a DDR III buffer offering up to 7 RAW images in succession using the 5 fps burst mode.

Although the resolution looks incredible on paper, especially for a DSLR with an APS-C seized sensor, it’s worth bearing in mind that the SD1 uses a similar system to previous Sigma models. The sensor is layered, meaning the light is only captured by three 15MP sensors, with one capturing red, one blue and one green. This system is unique to Sigma, and has produced some impressive results in the past, so we’re looking forward to witnessing first hand how the increased sensor size will affect the images.

Elsewhere a magnesium body, 77-segment metering system and built-in vibration reduction should appeal to the advancing amateur and aspiring pro, although the lack of both Live View and HD movie mode puts the SD1 at something of a disadvantage to the likes of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Nikon D700, both of which are at a far lower price. Of course the end quality may well justify the price, so keep checking What Digital Camera for a first look. 

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  • DanC

    I wonder what Sigma s justification is for the price tag? Sure its the flagship camera and the specs and the price tag should reflect that BUT six grand!!! Phew…interesting thing is that when I did some digging around about their Foveon sensor , its not that expensive to make as its a similar price to make as regular CMOS sensors…..I cant wait till the review !

  • r_jak

    The Titanic and a case of “Serious Ignorance of Market Alternatives” (SIGMA).
    The announcement of the sigma SD1 (Super Dollar 1st) has already registered in the history of the serious strategic errors of marketing.
    The exaggerated and unjustified price that SIGMA assigned to his flagship, caused strong indignation on the consumers and will make him, without doubts, lose many selling today and also in the future. It seems that the leaders of this project in the Company ignore that there are well defined segments on the DSLR’s market, and that the SD1 belongs to one of them (D300, 7D, E-5, K-5).
    A camera of conservative line and of very limited specifications, except for a new sensor of high definition but of doubtful efficacy as it was seen in the released samples, does not define a new segment.
    Regrettably the flagship of SIGMA woke up so much interest like in his time Titanic did, but it can lead to the division of cameras of the Company to the same destiny.

  • David Chamberlain

    The price is rediculous.

    I seriously doubt ANYONE will ever buy it!

    Get ‘real’ Sigma or simply go back to what you are best known for….making middle or the range lenses.

  • Michael Wilkinson

    wait to see results before condemning something you clearly have not used.

  • martyn

    Over priced!!

  • Jeremy

    Really? £6,199.99??

    Who on earth do they think will buy a 15MP (real world) APS-C body for that price?

    Not only would you need to be wealthy, but extremely naive with it. For considerably less money, you can get a far better camera, from a far more respected DSLR maker. As has been said; with Sigma’s track record in DSLRs, even at £1600, I would think twice.

    Utterly ridiculous!

    I’ll just wait for the Nikon D4.

  • Iwan. S.

    I don’t agree the Sigma SD10 was a complete failure, but certainly not as good as the Canon D60 of the time. Unfotunately the successor, the SD14, was a step sideways in many respects, while DSLR technology continued to accelerate away by the time the SD15 arrived on the scene. Yes, if you would have to be not very bright to buy a SD1 over the medium format Pentax. I just bought a second hand Fujifilm S200EXR – waited for the reviews of the HS20EXR first -as my last chance to try an alternative sensor format.

  • Rob Ellis

    I’m sorry, but $9,700, really? unless this thing has something truly amazing hidden under its sleeve, bar the foevon sensor, I would much rather spend my life savings on a nice medium format pentax, who in their right mind would spend nearly $10,000 on a mainly lens based company, who have had something like 3 failed attempts at making good DSLR’s, youd either have to be stinking rich or mentally insane to spend that much! 🙂

    Drop the price down to £1700 and I’d consider it as an incredibly worthy alternative to every other APS-C camera out there, but I’ll never, ever consider buying this…

    Also, sigma has known quality control issues with their lenses, with something like 1 out of 3 being a bad copy (?) your pretty much stuck with taking risks with your lenses, however if they used the canon mount, or the nikon mount (hell fuji did it!) this could have wreaked havoc among the other brands out there!!

    Maybe Sigma would have been better selling the Foevon technology to a reputable brand, IE sony, theyve certainly got the money to buy it and would do a darn good job implementing it into a camera if they got rid of the SLT 🙂