Telephoto lenses are a no go for any spectator wishing to take images at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Less than 24 hours after our last Olympic news story, Olympic organisers have cracked down again on the type of camera equipment spectators can and can’t take with them to Olympic venues.

Speaking to Amateur Photographer (AP), a spokesman for the Olympic organiser Locog has said ‘One camera with a 35mm (focal length) lens is fine but anything more is considered professional equipment and is too large for spectator seating.’

The new rule that’s effective from today means that any member of the public that wishes to take photographs of the Games from their seat cannot take a telephoto lens. No comment however have been made on bridge cameras that may feature extremely long focal lengths.

Take a 70-200mm telephoto zoom to the Olympic Games and you’re likely to be refused entry to sporting events according to today’s revised rules by Olympic organiser, Locog.

Should you attempt to visit the Olympic Games with a zoom lens attached to any form of interchangeable lens camera there’s an increasingly high risk you’ll be restricted entry.

This news follows the ban of all interchangeable lens cameras at Wembley. Only accredited professional photographers with official press passes will be allowed to use DSLRs and CSC’s from within the stadium.

Locog has previously expressed concerns that camera gear interferes with spectators’ view and that people may record shots of sports action for commercial purposes, or upload their images to YouTube.

  • Neil

    So I managed to get into the Gymnastics area with a D700 and standard zoom. I’ve also seen many people in athletics with 200mm…

  • Mike Martin

    Let’s put this Locog nonsense into perspective.I have been to several different events including Wembley(the latest Aug 4th) and nobody cares what sort of camera you bring in to any of the arenas.
    I have seen bridge cameras with 35x zooms and Digital SLRs with all sorts of attached lenses.Not one steward has asked a spectator with a “proper” DSLR to desist.
    LOCOG reversed their original bluster about not being able to upload to social media_pg_Inspire.They have enough problems without chasing down any snaps unlikely enough to be sold to the media by a so-called amateur and are after all merely the Office Managers for the London Olympics- not Special Branch or the Government.

  • Evie

    I’ve just come back from the Olympic Park (saw athletics in the stadium). I got in with a canon 650d, 10-22mm, 1.4ex, 70-200 F4 L. No problems at all, no comments, no-one even asked me to open my bag. Also fine taking shots with the above and they were also fine when I wandered around a level that wasn’t my own with the gear taking other shots.

    Easy peasy and lots of smiles from the stewards! I have a feeling that there have been a couple of unlucky people out there, but I saw lots of dslr users wandering around.

  • Speiro

    Why? Most pocket and Bridge cameras can outperform a DSLR as far as getting close is concerned so why not ban all cameras? Stupid rules from very stupid people.

  • Adrian Downing

    Not going to the games, but would use my wife’s Panasonic TZ30 rather than my DSLR kit (7D + EF 100 – 400 L IS USM). I think thats a 480mm eqivalent 35mm focal length and the burst feature should get most of the action. Not sure what she would say when I told her she was going to have to use her old TZ7 LOL.

  • Keith McIntyre

    well ‘shock horror’-‘Locog has previously expressed concerns that camera gear interferes with spectators’ view and that people may record shots of sports action for commercial purposes, or upload their images to YouTube.’- If someone can take a saleable image from a public seat good luck to them – with the current capabilities of bridge cameras this strikes me as a poorly thought thro’& in any case unnecessary – restriction – miserable lot…

  • David Britten

    It just gets worse, and this one of the many reasons that I’m staying away from the Olympics, which I see as nothing more than a corporate jamboree. Money and greed are diametrically opposed to Olympic ideals.

  • Martyn/hedonic3000

    I think it is totally wrong, it has nothing to do with a spectators view. The organisers are just scarred of the ordinary person getting a great picture. How many people would be taking telephoto lens anyway, a very small percentage I reckon. At the cost of getting a ticket I think it’s outrageous that a dslr with a standard zoom lens is not allowed. This rule should of been made clear months ago. I would demand a refund and complain strongly, it will spoil many amateur photographers day, also professionals who are not official snappers. These games are turning into a right fiasco .