Here are a few more pictures of the new micro four-thirds camera, the Olympus EP1 Pen

Olympus has launched in first camera in the new micro four thirds system. Read the full news story about the Olympus EP-1

Olympus EP-1

Above: The EP-1 shown with the new 17mm pancake lens  and accessory viewfinder

Olympus EP-1

 Above: The EP-1 shown with the new 14-42mm zoom lens

Olympus EP-1

Above: Back view of the EP-1. Note that there is no built-in viewfinder.

Olympus EP1

Above: Illustration showing the dimensions of the EP-1

Olympus EP-1

Above: Illustration showing the internal difference between Micro Four-Thirds and Four-Thirds cameras. Note how the removal of the mirror assembly makes the Micro Four-Thirds camera smaller.



  • Laurence

    The Viewfinder and Flash option need to built in.