The latest Fuji F550 EXR features GPS and Raw shooting and well as an impressive 15x optical zoom

Fuji has revealed a wide range of compact cameras at CES 2011, the FinePix F550 EXR being one of the higher-specced releases, with the F500 following not too far behind. At present there are no full specifications available, but we’ll add extra up-to-date information as and when we get it.

The Fuji F550 EXR comes equipped with GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology to pinpoint your images with location information. This is then useful for cataloguing and archiving by place or sharing your images on the world wide web by place. As well as this the F550 is able to shoot Raw files in addition to standard JPEG. The F500, on the other hand, is very nearly the same camera but without either the GPS or Raw capture and has a slightly slower burst rate when shooting.

Both cameras have an impressive 15x optical zoom that ranges from a wideangle 24mm through to telephoto 360mm (in traditional 35mm terms). This is particularly impressive given that the camera bodies measure just 22.9mm wide – the lens extends outwards when the camera is turned on to maintain the overall small package.

The F550 EXR will be available in black with a red highlight finish for £329 from this March, while the F500 EXR will come in a choice of five colours for £279 in the same month.

  • Niken

    I’ve had the camera for about a month now. I would csionder myself a very amateur photographer. But I love this camera. It’s more than a point and shoot but not quite a DSLR, I’d call it an advanced Digital camera. It can be used as a point and shoot but I think as your experience grows with the camera, the functionality and use of the camera becomes one of its greatest strengths. The only con I have is minor. The face detection function doesn’t seem to trigger as often as I think it would (considering 90% of my photos are of my baby son) and often the detection picks up things that aren’t . . . well faces. Other than this, it’s a great camera. Even the video capture is impressive. Highly recommended to those who want more than a point and shoot but don’t want to commit to the more expensive DSLR cameras.

  • Saud

    BlizzardnzMarch 31, 2011 @valarua OMG your so dumb this is the description FUJIFILM’s new FinePix S2000HD advencad point-and-shoot digital camera is capable of taking photos and video in full HD and has cool features like instant zoom, zoom bracketing, and dual image stabalization. It does not state 720p anywhere. OMG your so dum it states FULL HD video you idiot. and there is a massive difference in 720 and 1080. yes 720 is nice but 1080 is better, and it states all over this page FULL HD. 1080 not 720

  • camera digital store

    the Canon or the Fuji. Can anyone please help. Nikon COOLPIX S9100 2. Fujifilm Ninepin F550 EXR 3. Btw extra fast, high quality results, good in low lighting conditions

  • John Ritchie

    the panorama feature is brilliant no need to take seperate shots then join them in a computer The camera does it all Excellent colour and very good in low lighting conditions

  • Wardy

    Please help
    Ive been to every camera shop and none of the so called experts have a clue, Im looking at the Olympus SZ30, Fuji F550 EXR, Canon G12 or G13 if it come out soon or the lumix ZS20. Im swaying more towards the Canon or the Fuji.

    Can any one please help.

  • tay

    1. Nikon COOLPIX S9100
    2. Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR
    3. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9
    Which one is the most useful and have most outstanding colour?
    Btw extra fast, high quality results, good in low lighting conditions?
    Pleasa help me and thank you so much…

  • Mark Collins

    @Michael Hunt Sorry for delay in replying. Can’t really say why that is/was as I already had the camera when made the post. Maybe that’s just QVC??? Outstanding results with the F500 still.

  • Bob Smith

    F550 – £245 ON AMAZON NOW!…drawback, awaiting stock. have ordered it.

  • David Kilpatrick

    Most dealers now have the 550. Tesco has it on-line for £299.

  • Michael Hunt

    @ Mark Collins

    Interesting. QVC UK say the F500 is launched in the UK today (Saturday 9 April 2011).

  • Mark Collins

    Got the F500 over the weekend form Argos – reserved online and collected in store. Full manual is in pdf on the CD, though the basic printed manual is enough to get started using the camera, the rest is fairly easy to pick up as you go along. Impressive camera at the £260 cost paied

  • mrx

    anyone have stock yet ?

  • David Harrison

    seems like this camera might be great but need to check more after it’s release. Cannon s95 and Ricoh CX3 or CX4 seem good too.