Huge resolution photo exceeds 45 gigapixel image of Dubai

Using two Sony a900 DSLRs and two Minolta 400mm lenses as well as a specially made robotic head a huge 70 gigapixel image of Budapest has been taken. Thanks to the impressive resolution various parts of the image can be zoomed up to crystal clarity, giving an indication of the future potential of digital photography. 

This 360 degree panoramic photo was taken from the observation tower at János-hegy, which is celebrating it’s anniversary this September. The image beats the previous 45 gigapixel shot taken of Dubai which was taken using a single Canon EOS 7D.

  • Daniel Eko

    i think the city is my drime come true

  • Charlie Duran

    This is simply superb! Astounding quality and detail.

  • Rob Ellis

    The picture is amazing, the fact that you can see an entire city, and then zoom in on a paraglider from what is probably over a mile away, is just immense!