Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 functionality expanded

Selection of accessories announced for popular HD video shooter, along with firmware update

Sony Action Cam HDR AS15
Sony Action Cam HDR AS15 Sony Action Cam Dog Mount

Sony has announced a selection of compatible accessories for the HDR-AS15 Action Cam, including a host of mounts to further expand the model's functionality.

The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 is a versatile camera with a specification suited to an active shooter. The camera offers full HD capture at a standard frame rate, as well as two special slow-motion shooting modes of 2x and 4x standard speed.

The HDR-AS15 supports control via a smart phone, offers wireless transfer through Wi-fi connectivity and offers a 170° field of view.

The all-action specification has been bolstered with the announcement of a selection of accessories for active shooting. These include a new ‘Wrist Mount Strap' for hands-free shooting, a ‘Surfboard Mount' to accompany the waterproof case and even a ‘Dog Harness' should you ever want to capture a pet's eye view of the world.

Also announced is the latest firmware update for the Action Cam. The update adds a Full HD 1080/60p shooting mode, an Underwater scene mode and beep confirmation of start and stop of video capture.

The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 is available from the Sony Store now at a price of £259; the selection of accessories will debut later this year, while the firmware update can be downloaded direct from Sony online.

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