Canon’s four new Powershots

Canon has launched four new Powershot digital cameras ranging in price from just over £100 to £500.

Canon Powershots

Canon has launched four new Powershot digital cameras ranging in price from just over £100 to £500. At the entry-level end comes the A410, a 3.2MP, 3.2x zoom model which replaces the A400. Sporting a smaller body with a snazzy new design belying its £139 price point, the A410 comes with the DIGIC II processor, which gives it faster start-up, focusing and write times, reduced shutter lag and continuous shooting at 2.5 fps. Additional features include 5 point AiAF, Super Macro mode down to 1.5cm, a maximum aperture of f/2.8, 14 shooting modes (including 8 scene modes) and VGA movies at up to 20fps. The £279 A610 offers a similar range of features but with a higher resolution 5MP sensor, a 4x optical zoom (35-140mm) and a 2.0Ēvari-angle tilt/swivel LCD screen. The 20 exposure modes include full manual, shutter priority and a custom mode, while the 9 point AiAF offers fast focusing with off centre subjects and FlexiZone AF/AE which allows the user to scroll the focus point to anywhere within the frame. The £319 A620 offers a similar spec but with a 7.1MP chip. Both models replace the best-selling A95. The new Powershot S80 replaces the S70 and features a radically redesigned body which is 8% smaller than its predecessor and features an eye-catching two-tone black and silver finish. With a price tag of £499 the S80 is aimed at the demanding enthusiast user and boasts an 8MP CMOS sensor, a large 2.5Ē LCD monitor and, for the first time on a digital compact, an EOS style rotary multi-control dial for quick setting of functions and rapid scrolling through images during playback. The wideangle 28-100mm lens features Canonís UA (Ultra High Refractive Index Aspherical) lens technology (which keeps the lens compact). The LCD is adjustable to 15 brightness levels and includes a Quick-bright function for shooting in sunny conditions. Additional features include a real-time histogram, high resolution (1024 x 768, 15 fps) XGA movies up to 1GB in size and a full complement of exposure, focusing and metering modes. The S80 will be available from October, while the other new models hit the shops in September.

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